10 things you should know about Y-Axis Study Abroad

10 things you should know about Y-Axis Study Abroad

Y-Axis Study Abroad as an Indian company, we understand the sacrifices and efforts our families make to provide us with quality education. We recognize the burden that student loans can place on our parents, which is why we chart a path to ensure you can comfortably repay your student loan upon graduation. Financial independence and increased confidence are our end goals.

We are dedicated to serving your best interests in Y-Axis Study Abroad:

Unlike many consultants, our allegiance is to you, not to any university. We don’t rely on commissions from colleges or universities, giving us the freedom to provide advice that truly benefits you.

Y-Axis Study Abroad Features

  1. Your Pathway to Global Education: Y-Axis Study Abroad is your trusted partner on the journey to pursuing international education. With years of experience, we guide you through every step of your study abroad adventure.
  2. Tailored for Your Success: Our services are personalized to your unique needs, ensuring that your educational and career aspirations are at the forefront of our guidance.
  3. Independence and Objectivity: Unlike some consultants, we prioritize your interests, not those of universities or financial institutions. This independence allows us to provide advice that’s truly in your best interest.
  4. A Wealth of Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of overseas education. We’ve helped thousands of students achieve their dreams.
  5. Value-Packed Services: Y-Axis bundles services to offer exceptional value. From counseling to visa assistance, we provide a comprehensive package at a competitive price.
  6. Investment in Your Future: We believe your education should be an investment that pays dividends beyond just a degree. We help you explore options for skills, jobs, and even permanent residency.
  7. Lifelong Partnership: Our commitment doesn’t end with graduation. We’re here to support you throughout your journey, from landing in a new country to finding a job abroad.
  8. Transformational Counseling: Our Y-Path program charts a path for you to become a Global Indian, someone who makes their family, community, and country proud.
  9. Streamlined Processes: We offer a seamless experience with integrated services, supported by cutting-edge technology. Your transition from one stage to the next is effortless.
  10. Global Community: As a Y-Axis student, you become part of a network of like-minded individuals who share experiences and insights, enriching your journey and helping you succeed.

Furthermore, we’re not influenced by banks, venture capitalists, or stock market pressures. This independence allows us to think creatively and craft solutions that align with our life and career goals.

We offer exceptional value:

Our services are bundled to provide you with outstanding value and convenience. For a modest fee, you gain access to India’s premier career consultants for a lifetime. This package includes counseling, course selection, documentation, coaching, and assistance with your student visa application.

When you examine the cost of our services, you’ll see that we offer competitive and fair pricing.

We turn it into a valuable investment:

Your investment should yield more than just a degree. With our guidance, you can acquire not only a degree but also a skill set that opens doors to employment and even a permanent residency (PR) visa. Not all courses are eligible for PR visas, and entering a country with the wrong course can be both challenging and costly.

With strategic planning, we can help you turn your education into a life-changing investment that positively impacts your future. A well-executed plan can set you on a path to success, while poor choices can lead to financial hardships for you and your family. Getting it right the first time is crucial.

We offer a lifelong partnership:

Your journey with us doesn’t end once you graduate. We view you as a long-term partner, ready to assist you every step of the way. Whether you need airport assistance, guidance with migration issues, or help finding a job abroad, we’re here for you when it matters most.

Our counseling is transformational:

Our Y-Path program is designed to shape you into a Global Indian, someone who makes their family, friends, community, and country proud. It’s the result of years of counseling experience, helping thousands of Indians settle abroad.

We possess a comprehensive understanding of overseas careers, from financing to immigration to job placement. While admissions are straightforward, crafting a career path worth taking a loan for is our true expertise.

Our processes are streamlined:

We’re your one-stop shop, and all our services seamlessly integrate to ensure a smooth transition from one stage to the next. Even after you graduate, our customer service remains at your disposal.

We leverage cutting-edge technology, including Salesforce.com and Genesys, to enhance your customer experience. We’re just a call, email, chat, or short drive away.

We offer Premium Member & Verified Status:

When you join us, you gain premium member status in our open resume bank. Potential employers can contact you directly. We also verify your identity and credentials, presenting you as a Y-AXIS Verified student.

You become part of the Global Indian Community:

We help you connect with fellow Indians living abroad who can offer valuable insights from their experiences. You’ll have opportunities to share your own journey to assist future generations.

We promote your job search upon graduation:

Graduation ushers you into the real world, and job hunting becomes essential. We provide comprehensive support for your job search, ensuring you’re well-prepared to secure employment.

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