2026 FIFA World Cup qualification process

he 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification process is well underway, with the first round of matches igniting the journey in September 2023. This colossal endeavor is divided into six continental zones, each overseen by their respective confederations: AFC (Asia), CAF (Africa), CONCACAF (North and Central America and the Caribbean), CONMEBOL (South America), OFC (Oceania), and UEFA (Europe).

2026 FIFA World Cup qualification process

AFC: Defying Odds

The AFC qualification process unfolds in three gripping rounds. The initial round features the 12 lowest-ranked teams battling in two groups of six, with group winners advancing. The second round sees the top 10 AFC teams joining the fray, dividing into two groups of five, and the top two from each securing progression. Finally, the third round hosts the remaining four teams in home-and-away round-robin duels. The top two earn coveted World Cup spots, with the third-placed team poised for the inter-confederation playoffs.

CAF: African Aspirations

CAF’s journey is similarly divided into three rounds. The first round convenes the 26 lowest-ranked teams, divided into two groups of 13, with group winners advancing. In the second round, the top 14 CAF teams join the competition, creating seven groups of two teams, and only group winners proceed. The third round culminates in home-and-away round-robin battles, with the top five securing World Cup tickets, and the sixth-placed team heading to the inter-confederation playoffs.

CONCACAF: North and Central American Challenge

CONCACAF’s quest follows a three-round format. The first round assembles the 20 lowest-ranked teams into four groups of five, with group winners and runners-up advancing. In the second round, the remaining 12 teams are divided into three groups of four, and group winners progress. The third round witnesses the top three teams in home-and-away round-robin clashes, with the top two snatching World Cup spots and the third-placed team advancing to the inter-confederation playoffs.

CONMEBOL: South American Showdown

CONMEBOL takes a straightforward path with a single round-robin tournament, where all 10 teams face each other both at home and away. The top four teams gain direct entry into the World Cup, while the fifth-placed team gears up for the inter-confederation playoffs.

OFC: Oceania’s Journey

OFC’s qualification journey comprises two stages. In the first stage, the four lowest-ranked teams compete in a single-elimination tournament, with the top two progressing to the second stage. The second stage pits the two remaining teams in a home-and-away series to determine the OFC qualifier. The OFC qualifier then embarks on an inter-confederation playoff to secure a coveted World Cup slot.

UEFA: European Excellence

UEFA’s process encompasses two rounds. The first round features the 50 lowest-ranked teams, divided into 10 groups of five, with group winners advancing. In the second round, the remaining 25 teams divide into five groups of five, and group winners secure World Cup berths, while runners-up enter the playoffs. In the playoffs, the 10 runners-up are drawn into two groups of five, with group winners securing their place in the World Cup.

Inter-confederation Play-offs: The Final Hurdle

In June 2026, the inter-confederation playoffs will unfold, featuring the six teams that clinched third place in their continental qualification zones. These teams will be divided into two groups of three, with group winners earning World Cup tickets and completing the lineup.

The 2026 FIFA World Cup promises to be a global spectacle, set to grace Canada, Mexico, and the United States from June 8 to July 3, 2026. With 48 teams competing across 16 venues in the host nations, football enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await this monumental event.


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