Best trading app for beginners in India in Hindi 2023

Best trading app for beginners in India in English 2023

October 28, 2023 by Babu sikdar

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What is stock trading?

Trading means doing business or transactions. Since here we are Stock trading If we are talking about stock trading then we can define stock trading as follows –

When a stock trader (one who buys and sells stocks) buys and sells shares of a particular company with the aim of making a profit, this process is called stock trading. Stock trading can be of many types such as – day trading, futures trading, and options trading. When we invest money in the stock of any company for a period ranging from one day to less than a year, we call it trading. Money invested in stocks for more than a year is called investment.

Best trading app for beginners in India| Best Trading Apps List of 2023

1. Zerodha kite app –

Packed with many features like market data streaming, advanced charts, and a great user interface, this app is Zerodha’s leading ultra-fast trading platform. You can enjoy a better experience of this app on both Android and iOS devices.

Zerodha kite app – For all types of investors


Top 10 Applications to Earn Real Money in India 2023

FeaturesAbsolutely zero brokerage on delivery of shares
fees(i) Zero brokerage fees on all investments
(2) INR 20 is charged for every order executed in day trading.
Download the application10 million+

2. Angel One app

Angel One is one of the best trading apps in India for trading. The company claims that this trading app has all the features for all types of investors. Some of its best features and great user interface make it very popular among stock traders.

Angel One App- Best trading platform for beginners

FeaturesAbsolutely zero brokerage on delivery trades
feesCommodities, futures, and options in rupee. $20 per order or 0.25% (whichever is less)
Download the application1 S.+

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3. Upstox Pro Trading App –

Upstox is also one of the best stock brokers in India. Upstox has Upstox pro which is a very popular mobile trading app. Upstox, formerly RKSV Securities, is a discount stockbroker in India.

Upstox Pro application – It is the best platform for immediate investment.

FeaturesCommission-free on investing in stocks, mutual funds and digital gold
fees(i) 20/2.5% (minimum) of net trade value for delivery of shares.
(2) Rs 20 or 0.05% for intraday stocks, equity futures, currency futures, and commodity futures (whichever is less).
Download the application10 million+

4. Growth Application –

Grow App has also proven itself as a very reliable stockbroker. This app is available in both Android and IOS. Started as a basic app compared to other stock brokerage apps, Grow is one of the best-regulated stock market apps that allows traders to trade anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it can be said that Groww is one of the best trading apps for stock trading.

Growth application – Best for diverse trading options

FeaturesLots of trading options
fees(i) Flat in futures and options sector 20/- per order.
(2) Brokerage flat for each order to trade 20/- For every request This is 0.05% (whichever is lower)
program download10 million+

5. 5Paisa mobile trading app

When it comes to easy-to-use trading apps, the 5paisa mobile trading app ranks as one of the best trading apps in India. This application is available on both Android and IOS platforms. This fully-equipped, intelligent mobile trading app provides almost all the features an investor or trader would need.

5Paisa mobile commerce app – This app is best for advanced traders.

FeaturesAutomated investment for the best application.
feesFlat on all types of trading sectors 20 rupees per order
Download the application10 million+

6. Fyers Markets mobile trading app.

FYERS Markets is a mobile trading app and trading app of FYERS Securities. It is one of the leading stock brokerage companies in India. This application allows traders to trade stocks without any physical barriers. Its features truly make it one of the best trading apps in India.

FeaturesThis is the most advanced charting platform.
feesThe charges for all types of sectors like derivatives, equities, commodities, and intraday are just Rs 20 per order.
Download the application1 lakh+

7. Sharekhan mobile commerce app

Sharekhan Mobile Trading App is an app that provides all the major features. It includes advanced measurement tools, watchlists, and charts. Besides this, this app has many basic and advanced tools, and there are some promising features that make it the best trading app in India.

Sharekhan mobile trading app – Best trading app for active traders.

FeaturesCharting and analysis of the Sharkan application
fees(i) For equity trading at 0.50% or 10 paise per share or Rs 16 per share (whichever is higher)
(2) 0.10% on the first part and 0.10% on F&O trades settled on any other day
(3) In the case of options trading, 2.50% on the total premium (whichever is higher) or Rs 250 per lot
(4) Sharekhan, one of the best trading apps for currency futures, charges just 0.10% fees.
Download the application1 million+

8. Edelweiss Mobile Trading App-

Edelweiss Mobile Trading is known to be an app that features a simple one-touch login which can be done with the help of your fingerprint. The Edelweiss Trading app also provides traders with access to research along with trading. This is a mobile trading app that provides stock quotes and charts to keep traders and investors updated with market updates.

FeaturesA platform that provides the best market analysis tools
feesThe brokerage fee for executing all types of orders is Rs 10 per order.
Download the application1 million+

9. Kotak stock trading application

new Kotak stock trading app This app is a one-stop solution for all your online trading and investing needs like stock trading, mutual funds, SIPs, ETFs, and more.

Kotak stock trading app – The best platform for easy trading options.

FeaturesThis app is famous for its easy and advanced trading feature.
fees(i) Zero brokerage fees for intraday trading in F&O, cash, commodities, and currencies.
(2) Fixed Rs 20 per order for F&O, Commodity and Currency execution.
Download the application10 lakh+

10. HDFC stock trading application

This is a lightweight mobile trading application. It is very easy to install and use on any smartphone. The interface and speed of this app are also very good. HDFC Securities has launched a new version of this app which you can easily explore and use. This app is the best trading platform for trading in Digital Gold.

FeaturesThe most convenient platform for global traders and gold buyers
fees(i) 0.50% or a minimum fee of Rs 25 for intraday delivery of stocks, shares, and stock futures.
(2) For stock options, a fee of Rs 100 per lot or 1% of premium (whichever is higher) has to be paid.
Download the application1 million+

Benefits of using the best trading app-

  • Easy and fast trading order placement facilities.
  • Get timely alerts easily.
  • Access to the market at any time
  • Take live stock market updates
  • Different types of trading charts and research reports are readily available online.

If trading fascinates you and you want to make money from it, then in this article we have written a complete review of Top 10 Trading Apps in Hindi 2022. I hope reading this post will help you choose the best trading app and with the help of these apps you will be able to do stock trading.

Disclaimer – The information provided in this post has been written after complete research. The sole purpose of writing this is to provide you with information about the trading application. Since stock trading is subject to financial risks, this site does not claim any financial profit. The site is not responsible for any loss you incur while trading.

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