How to Get Paid on YouTube in 2024

How to Get Paid on YouTube in 2024: 5 Methods

There are other ways to monetize YouTube than ads.  Web affiliate marketing and gross product sales are the fastest path to income.

The growing economic system of content creators has brought to light several ways to make money on YouTube. And while some strategies offer a lower barrier to entry than ad revenue, there’s no substitute for high-quality content materials and engaged viewers.

If you can explore your artistic aspect and are prepared to put in a little effort, you can make money on YouTube too. Listed below are some monetization strategies to discover.

Methods to receive a commission when making money on YouTube

1. Earn from ads as a member of the YouTube Partner Program

2. Earn a share from affiliate marketing

3. Get a deal with a brand and create sponsored content

4. Sell some products

5. Offer memberships

Earn from ads as a member of the YouTube Accomplice1 program. Earn from ads as a member of the YouTube Confederate program

Now, let’s address this query directly. You must be part of the YouTube Partner Program to earn money from ads. And you can’t become a YouTube accomplice until your channel crosses the 1,000 subscriber threshold. Additionally, you will need a total of 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months. Check these huge boxes and it will open the doors to ad revenue.

Several other needs apply before you can become an accomplice:

Your films must comply with YouTube’s monetization policies.

You must live in a qualified space.

It is essential to create a hyperlink to a Google AdSense account.

Click the “earn” part in YouTube Studio to use. YouTube says it will sometimes contact you within a month of reviewing your utility to let you know whether you are accredited or not.

As a YouTube accomplice, you will be able to earn money from ads, chat options, and YouTube Premium subscribers who watch your content. Additionally, the platform allows YouTube partners to earn revenue from ads on Shorts, which are YouTube’s model of short, TikTok-style films.

What is the required number of views on YouTube to make money?

You do not receive a commission per video view. Instead, you get paid for every time people watch or click on ads on your video.

Influencer Promoting Hub states that while the rate varies, the typical YouTube channel can expect to earn around $18 per 1,000 ad views. This equates to $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views when taking ad pricing into account. The positioning has a YouTube Calculator to assess the income you can earn.

When do you start profiting from YouTube?

You can get paid once your stability reaches $100. Let’s say it takes about 1,000 video views to earn $4 from viewers who noticed the ads. You would need 25,000 video views to earn $100 from these ads.

If you have a small channel, you may only receive a commission every few months. Additionally, you may want to know how Google, which sources AdSense funds, handles taxes.

Does it look like a street extending forward?

Below are other ways to make money before you reach 1,000 subscribers.

If your channel finally reaches more than 20,000 subscribers and you meet other qualification needs, you may discover the Methods to Get Paid on Make Money on YouTube Buying Associates program as a means of raising your income.

Don’t forget to properly notify your viewers of your affiliation with the model or manufacturers featured, and be sure to direct them to the “hyperlink in description” after recording the video.

Make a bet on online affiliate marketing and marketing2. Make a bet on online affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing on the web may be probably the easiest approach for beginners to monetize your website visitors on YouTube, especially if you plan to make product review films. It actually works like this:

You discover a company or vendor with an associates program, similar to Amazon Associates, and sign up to join.

Once you’re accepted, you’ll use their course to create custom hyperlinks to the products you propose to use in your films.

Demonstrate, evaluate, or reference merchandise in your Methods to Get a Commission on Making Money on YouTube films and paste your personalized online affiliate marketing and advertising hyperlink(s) into the description area afterwards to add.

As a model affiliate, you will receive a fee when a viewer clicks your custom hyperlink and purchases the product.

While Amazon Associates is a good way to make money on Amazon, there are tons of different alternatives. Search online affiliate marketing websites like ShareASale and ClickBank to find potential business and merchandise partners to work with. You can also search your favorite manufacturers’ websites for details on how to become an affiliate.

Get a modeling contract and create sponsored content materials3. Get a modeling contract and create sponsored content materials

Companies interested in your channel’s viewers may sponsor your movies or offer product placement deals in exchange for a mention, which are called model deals in the industry.

The operative phrase here is “viewers,” which suggests that some of these offers often tend to appear on their own once you develop an audience. As your channel grows, you can reach out to manufacturers you want to work with right away, or use resources like the online affiliate marketing and marketing websites mentioned earlier to look for partner companies that complement your form of content.

With template offers, you will be able to get a fixed amount of funds, receive a fee per sale, or get the services or products completely free.

Keep in mind: If you have an endorsement or use product placement in a video, you must notify YouTube by checking a field in the video details.

Promote some products4. Promote some products

When you have a merchandise or provide a related service to your viewers, let them know more about it and provide hyperlinks in your films. For example, creator Marques Brownlee of the style tech review channel MKBHD leaves a hyperlink to his personal line of t-shirts and gear in every video he posts.

Promoting a physical product may require purchasing supplies or finding a producer, but it is also possible to promote products for download, such as e-books, art prints, or digital courses. Have a secure fee system in place before promoting your items.

Incentive to Promote: Although creating your own merchandise is generally much more difficult than featuring other companies’ products, you can make more money this way because you will keep most of your profits as the product owner.

Provide associations5. Provide associations

A membership dummy is another approach to monetizing viewing. With this methodology, channel followers pay a small subscription price to obtain benefits and/or an exclusive level of access.

Patreon is a very common third-party membership platform. Methods for Earning a Commission on Make Money on YouTube has been slowly rolling out its personal channel membership function, but it is advisable to be part of the YouTube Accomplice Program to qualify. As always, extra viewers can result in additional income. Incentives similar to one-on-one video chats, personal courses, or other perks can lead viewers to become paying members;

How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?

Big YouTube stars with thousands and thousands of followers can take advantage of the money, simply reaching seven figures. However, even lesser-known content creators with a modest following can make considerable, even full-time, earnings.

According to Forbes, creator Jimmy Donaldson of the popular MrBeast channel earned $54 million in 2023, largely due to the 215 million subscribers he has accumulated on YouTube. This type of success is more the exception than the rule.

On the more modest note, Cinquanta Cox-Smith, a print-on-demand YouTuber with 11,700 subscribers, makes about $120,000 in annual income, according to Career Ahead, a career-focused education journal. .

Matt Par, a YouTube sensation who became profitable as a teenager with a Prime 10 recordings channel and who now runs several channels plus one on how to make money on YouTube, tells viewers that the platform’s accomplice program is often a good source of income generation. He says he makes $30,000 per thirty days in ad revenue with this system.

Gain a viewer and earn more in the long run

YouTube offers alternatives for everyone, but it is not a get-rich-quick platform.YouTube revenue generation requires patience, hard work, and a loyal following.. The excellent news is that with just a little motivation and a certain number of observations, you will find methods to earn before the coveted 1,000 subscriber threshold.

Remember the following advice when you begin:

The more movies you create and add, the more likely you are to hit the viewing hour limit.

The more you target your content materials towards a specific target audience or area of ​​interest (e.g. film footage), the more likely your audience will sign up for more.

Thoughtful and entertaining films generally tend to be watched, so it’s worth putting effort into the planning and production.

Don’t underestimate the ability of a focused title and standout thumbnail to grab the viewer’s attention.

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