Sydney and Melbourne restrict new migrants

Sydney and Melbourne restrict new migrants


 Sydney and Melbourne restrict new migrants? There has been much discussion online regarding Australia’s plan to ban new migrants from Sydney and Melbourne.
Y-Axis reviews the facts to give you the correct picture. 

Ten points to consider:

  • Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison mentioned that the government can use its migration powers to divert people to live in regional areas.
  • Population Minister Alan Trudge has mentioned an old idea of banning new migrants from living in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • The above has not been decided or announced. There is much debate by migration experts and the opposition as to whether this kind of policy would be permissible or not.
  • If the above proposal went through, new migrants could be diverted not only to regional areas but also bustling cosmopolitan cities like Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Darwin.
  • 90% of new migrants go straight to Melbourne and Sydney where it’s harder to find a job and they spend months looking for the right one.  Those who go to smaller cities end up finding a job very quickly and end up earning quickly.
  • The cost of living in Melbourne and Sydney is much higher than the smaller cities with lower rents, childcare and other services.
  • Some areas an hour or so away from Melbourne and Sydney (areas in New South Wales and Victoria) may be defined as ‘regional areas’ simply because they are away from the city.  Think of Noida vs. Nehru Place or Vashi vs. Collabra or even Patan Cheru vs. Banjara Hills!  However, all areas are well connected by trains.
  • The government has implied that it will grant many incentives to new migrants who plan to live outside Melbourne or Sydney.
  • The policy, if it goes through, will be very hard to enforce when it comes to employer sponsored visas or family reunification visas.
  • Please refer to PRIME Minister Scott Morrison interview with


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